Mazovia EDIH

The Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT at the Warsaw University of Technology is a partner in the European Digital Innovation Hub of Mazovia (Mazovia EDIH) project, led by the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP, which has received funding from the EU’s Digital Europe program for European Digital Innovation Hubs for 2021-2023 under grant agreement no. 101083509.

Mazovia EDIH is a project that aims to support the implementation and best use of the digital and interoperability potential of the Mazovian Voivodeship by appropriately combining key enabling technologies (e.g., advanced manufacturing technologies, micro/nanoelectronics, electronic components and systems, photonics), with advanced digital technologies, namely artificial intelligence, high-performance computing and cybersecurity, thereby contributing to accelerating the digital and green transformation of the regional and national industrial sector.

Use of the Community Platform is completely free of charge. Within the platform, 4 dedicated databases have been launched:
– Database of Mazovia EDIH services – where you will learn about the types of services offered under the Mazovia EDIH project (services available from September).
– Base of those looking for digital transformation solutions- this is a dedicated place for all those who are looking for solutions in the area of digitization, the so-called “announcement base”, what type of solutions a given company is looking for.
– Database of digital transformation- a place to promote solutions by all entities that have in their portfolio services supporting digital transformation, but are not directly related to the Mazovia EDIH project. We are keen to bring together as many innovation solution providers as possible and strengthen technology transfer and knowledge sharing.
– Mazovia EDIH expert database – where you will learn about the specialties of all Mazovia EDIH project partners who offer services.




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Project duration: 01/01/2023 – 31/12/2025
Project value: 2,566,505.99 EUR
Amount of contribution from European Funds: 1,566,505.99 EUR


The Community Platform Mazovia EDIH is a bridge between the entities creating demand for digital transformation services (entrepreneurs whose business can benefit from digital transformation) and the existing supply of them (start-ups, providers of ready-to-implement technologies, providers of education, training and support services).