Complete prototyping of microdevices for cell culture and cellular analysis

As a part of the prototyping service, we provide the following possibilities:

  • design of microstructure geometries in CAD programs (AutoCAD, Solidworks, Fusion);
  • computer simulations of culture conditions in designed microstructures (Ansys, Solidworks);
  • prototyping of microstructures (50 µm – 200 µm) using photolithographic methods (photosensitive capillary films);
  • bonding of thin layers of polymer materials (PDMS, PMMA, PC, PET) and glass materials using a plasma system or alternative methods (bioadhesives, tapes);
  • fabrication of enclosed microstructures and ready-to-use microsystems by 3D printing (based on biocompatible polymer resins).

Keywords: microstructure design, microstructure prototyping, photolithography, 3D printing


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