Design and manufacture of microfluidic devices for biochemical and bioanalytical applications

The service includes the following options:

  • design of microstructure geometries in CAD software (SolidWorks);
  • computer simulation of flows using the finite element method (COMSOL Multiphysics);
  • fabrication of microstructures using micromilling in aluminum and plastics (PMMA, PEEK, PC, PVC, etc.);
  • fabrication of microstructures using laser treatment in PET films;
  • 3D imaging of the fabricated microstructures and topographical analysis;
  • bonding of layers of polymeric materials (PMMA, PC, PET) using low-temperature lamination and solvent bonding.

Keywords: Lab-on-a-chip, μTAS, microsystem, CAD, micromilling, laser cuttin

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