Dry etching

We offer ICP/RIE plasma etching (ICP – Inductively Coupled Plasma, RIE – Reactive Ion Etching). This process allows etching of a wide range of dielectrics, metals and semiconductors on both standard and non-standard substrates up to 200 mm in diameter. Depending on the process, high selectivity, highly anisotropic etch profiles, including vertical wall profiles, can be achieved.

We offer etching in oxygen, chlorine, fluorine, argon and nitrogen plasmas. We also perform cryogenic etchings at temperatures of up to -150 °C, including etching in silicon of high aspect ratio structures.

Etching processes can be controlled in situ using a laser interferometric system.

Keywords: dry etching, icp, rie, plasma etching, cryogenic etching, silicon etching, reproducible etching

contact: uslugi.cezamat@pw.edu.pl

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