Elemental analysis of solid materials and coatings

The research is carried out using KEYENCE INTERNATIONAL (BELGIUM) EA-300 series equipment; The elemental analyzer head is designed for use with VHX-7000 series microscopes.


The main objectives of the research method:

  • analysis using LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) technique;
  • no need for sample preparation;
  • possible analysis of coatings of at least 5 µm in thickness;
  • determination of a large group of elements – also C, H, O, N, Li, Be, F;
  • possibility of imaging samples and selecting fragments for analysis (testing of heterogeneity of materials);
  • not suitable for trace elements analysis.

Keywords: libs, laser micro-sampling, emission spectrometer, elemental mapping

Contact us: uslugi.cezamat@pw.edu.pl


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