Imaging and microscopic characterization of biological samples and cell cultures

The services we offer include:

  • microscopic analysis of cell culture, bacterial culture, fungi, yeast, small organisms and fragments of tissues, live and fixed preparations;
  • imaging of cells in contact with biomaterials;
  • real-time analysis of morphological changes and cell migration, survival analysis of culture state;
  • transient light and phase contrast imaging;
  • scanning confocal imaging and super-resolution imaging (e.g. evaluation of cell viability, testing of cell cycle processes, immunofluorescence stained protein imaging and identification of other labeled cell markers);
  • real-time microscopic imaging in standard and hypoxic cultivation conditions;
  • imaging of two- and three-dimensional cell structures (cell monolayers, suspension cultures, cell units, spheroid, hydrogel culture, organoids, scaffold) scanning in Z-stack mode;
  • research of subcellular accumulation of compounds;
  • analysis of co-location.


Keywords: optical microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, super-resolution imaging, accumulation and co-location analysis

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