Interaction study and surface characterization by surface plasmon resonance technique – SPR

Studies are performed using the MP-SPR Navi™ 200 OTSO (BioNavis), a versatile two-channel surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy analyzer with mobile liquid phase and gas phase capabilities.


We offer:

  • study of various types of interactions of mobile phase components with the surface, among others: adsorption processes on surfaces, desorption/degradation of predefined layers, interactions of biological nature (e.g., antibody-antigen, DNA-DNA);
  • study of kinetics and thermodynamics of interactions in real time in label-free mode; study of the effects of electrochemical processes on surface phenomena using an electrochemical cell (and electrochemical techniques as references);
  • possibility of using transducers with metallic (including Au, Ag, Pt) and oxide (at least SiO2, TiO2, ITO) surfaces, as well as their further modification. We have large in the modification of gold transducers with thiol/bioreceptor monolayers;
  • preparation: assistance in the preparation of layers intended for analysis (surface preparation, selection of immobilization technique).


Keywords: SPR, kinetics of interactions, thermodynamics of interactions, nucleic acids, inhibitors, proteins, antibodies, receptors

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