Measurement of surface contact angle

Tests of the surfaces contact angle (from highly hydrophobic to highly hydrophilic) performed using a KEYENCE INTERNATIONAL microscope. It allows a smooth change of the objective angle in the range of 90 degrees and the use of illumination with variable intensity and angle of light.


Below are the characteristics and conditions of measurement:

  • the measurement results of the tested surface are accompanied by high-resolution photography;
  • the smallest possible volume of the applied droplet is 0.5 µl;
  • the minimum sample size of the tested material is 5×5 mm (in a case of testing a highly hydrophilic surface, a larger sample may be necessary);
  • maximum sample size 200×200 mm;
  • in the case of liquid-absorbing samples, it is possible to obtain a sequence of images (photos) visualizing the process of wetting as well as absorption.

Please contact us for details or if you are measuring non-standard samples.


Keywords: hydrophilivity, hydrophobicity, wetting angle, materials characterization

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