Noncontact application on ultra-low portions of liquid

Liquid samples are applied to the material using a micro-volume liquid pipetting system. The liquid deposition process is characterized by high accuracy, repeatability and the ability to create accurate patterns on a substrate.

The specification of the service can be found below:

  • deposition of nano-volume liquid portions on plastic substrates (in the form of plates or films), as well as on substrates made of glass or metals;
  • substrates with maximum dimensions of 588 × 420 mm;
  • deposition of aqueous solutions and mixtures of specifed chemical and physical parameters (limitations are due to viscosity and chemical nature of liquids/solutions);
  • droplets of volume from 0.5 nl according to the scheme prepared in the program;
  • high resolution of the process;
  • possibility for applying several solutions at the same point;
  • accuracy, repeatability and ability to create precise patterns.

Keywords: microarrays, solution, receptor layer, droplets


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