SEM imaging and sputtering

Studies are performed on a Hitachi SU8230 ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscope.

We perform:

  • imaging in scanning mode (SEM);
  • imaging in transmission mode (STEM);
  • imaging using IL preparation;
  • imaging of frozen samples in Cryo-SEM mode.

Samples for observation in Cryo-SEM mode should be booked in advance (min. 2 weeks).

We offer the possibility to deposit metal layers using the Quorum Q150 TS plasma sputtering machine. The sputtering machine is dedicated to the preparation of samples for SEM, but any solid samples can be sputtered. The maximum size of the object introduced into the chamber of the sputtering machine – about 10 x 10 cm.

We offer sputtering of layer thicknesses from several to tens of nanometers:

  • gold;
  • gold-palladium alloy;
  • ]offers future sputtering with platinum, silver, chromium and nickel.


Keywords: scanning electron microscope, SEM images, biomaterials, nanomaterials


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