Studies of interactions using electrochemical techniques

Tests are conducted on 600E and 1030 C electrochemical stations (CH Instruments) allowing measurements by a variety of techniques, including potentiometric, aerometric (DPA, CA), voltametric (CV, LSV, DPV, SWV, ACV, HMV), coulometric (CC) and impedance (EIS, IMPT).


  • electrochemical testing, including determination of electrochemical surfaces, electrochemical cleaning, etc. in aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes;
  • electrochemical analysis of layers and monolayers (including layers of biological origin), study of adsorption/desorption/degradation processes, determination of surface densities of DNA monolayers;
  • preparation – surface modification of electrodes (including gold, silver, platinum, glassy carbon) and their electrochemical characterization. We have significant experience in the fabrication and characterization of (bio)receptor layers on the surface of electrodes and the ability to use a complementary reference technique – surface plasmon resonance (SPR).


It is possible to provide all the accessories necessary for the measurement (set of working electrodes, reference electrodes (Ag/AgCl), auxiliary electrodes, measuring dishes, basic electrolytes, accessories for surface cleaning, etc.).

In the case of sensitive samples, it is possible to prepare for measurement on location (available, among others, high-speed centrifuges, vortexes, ultrasonic bath). It is possible to conduct measurements in an atmosphere of neutral gas.

Keywords: voltammetry, amperometry, potentiometry, nucleic acids, sensors, detection

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