Study of biocompatibility and cytotoxicity of medical devices and biomaterials (including nanomaterials)

Analysis of cell metabolism, cell viability and proliferation, investigation of cytotoxicity and biocompatibility of biomaterials and medical devices. Studies using normal and neoplastic cells (breast, ovarian, lung, skin, vascular cells, bone) and primary cells (including stem cells).


During the service we perform:

  • analysis using tests such as MTT test, differential fluorescent staining CAM/PI, XTT test, AlamarBlue test, LDH test;
  • immunoenzymatic tests for detection of specific proteins, detection of the presence of proteins in the tested material by colorimetric tests (BCA tests, Lowry and others);
  • application of flow cytometry to quantitative measurements of cell viability, determination of protein expression level;
  • determination of changes in expression of selected genes using RT-PCR technique in the materials isolated from cells grown on the tested materials (e.g. nanofiber mats, natural and synthetic membranes, hydrogels, scaffolds) and in flow-microsystems.


Keywords: cytotoxicity, biocompatibility, biomaterials, viability tests, flow cytometry, RT-PCR


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