Krzysztof Mieszkowski, MSc.

Research Assistant


Krzysztof Mieszkowski graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics. From 2005 to 2012, he was an employee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, where he was involved in financing R&D projects from structural funds and science and higher education strategy development. From 2012, he was a member of the European Commission Joint Research Centre, Seville site, where he was supporting the implementation of the smart specialisation concept at EU level. In May 2020, he joined the CEZAMAT team as a project specialist, and since October 2022 he has held the position of research assistant of the Centre. Project Manager of SmartFestival, CEZAMAT HUB, Mazovia EDIH, ERA_FABRIC.

Areas of research

  • Innovation ecosystems
  • Research and innovation policy
  • R&D sector institutions
  • Technology forecasting & management

Selected Publications

  1. Mieszkowski, Krzysztof; Barbero, Javier; ,,Territorial patterns of R&D+ I grants supporting Smart Specialisation projects funded from the ESIF in Poland’’, Regional Studies , 55 , 3, 390-401, 2021, Routledge.
  2. Rakhmatullin, R; Hegyi, FB; Ciampi, SK; Gomez, J; Mieszkowski, K; ,,Methodological Manual, Developing Thematic Interregional Partnerships for Smart Specialisation. A Practical Guide to Building and Managing Interregional Smart Specialisation Partnerships.’’, Luxembourg: Office of the European Union. DOI: https://doi. org/10.2760/564759, 2020.
  3. Gianelle, Carlo; Guzzo, Fabrizio; Mieszkowski, Krzysztof; ,,Smart Specialisation: what gets lost in translation from concept to practice?’’, Regional Studies, 2019, Routledge.
  4. Gianelle, Carlo; Guzzo, Fabrizio; Mieszkowski, Krzysztof; ,,Smart Specialisation at work: Analysis of the calls launched under ERDF Operational Programmes," JRC Technical Reports, S3 Working Paper Series No. 11/2017, 2017, European Commission. JRC106974, Seville.
  5. FORTE, Inmaculada PERIANEZ; Elisabetta, MARINELLI; FORAY, Dominique; EDWARDS, John Huw; PERTOLDI, Martina; Morgan, Kevin; MIESZKOWSKI, Krzysztof; PRIETO, Javier GOMEZ; Nauwelaers, Claire; RAKHMATULLIN, Ruslan; ,,Implementing smart specialisation strategies: A handbook’’, 2016, Joint Research Centre (Seville site).
  6. Mieszkowski, Krzysztof; Kardas, Marcin; ,,Facilitating an entrepreneurial discovery process for smart specialisation. The case of Poland’’, Journal of the Knowledge economy, 6, 2, 357-384, 2015,Springer US.
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