Internship as an award in the “Best of the Best at WUT” competition

23 May 2024

Katarzyna Tokarska, PhD from the CEZAMAT Centre for Advanced Materials and Technology at the Warsaw University of Technology, is doing an internship at the Milan University of Technology.

Four CEZAMAT WUT employees were the winners of the first edition of the ‘Best of the Best at WUT’ competition. Thanks to this competition, Katarzyna Tokarska from the Medical Diagnostics Department was able to take part in a three-month internship at the renowned Microfluidics and Biomimetic Microsystems Laboratory (MiMic Lab) research group led by Professor Marco Rasponi.

The MiMic Lab specialises in developing novel microfluidic technologies for biological applications. Their work focuses on creating advanced microenvironments for cell culture, exceeding traditional in vitro models. In addition, they are developing organ-on-a-chip technology, simulating the physiology and pathology of human organs, which may lead to proposing alternatives to animal testing and creating cell culture models that more closely reflect in vivo conditions.

Katarzyna Tokarska’s research internship concerns the application of Organ on Chip technology to produce a microphysiological model of the intestine on a chip (Gut on Chip) and assess the functionality of the produced cellular epithelium.

The ‘Best of the best at WUT’ competition is designed to support young scientists in the development of their academic careers and is conducted as part of the ‘Excellence Initiative – Research University’.

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