NTMED Cluster Workshop “Science – Business: Innovation in Medicine and Health”

19 June 2024

On 18 June 2024, the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT at the Warsaw University of Technology hosted an Innovation Hub workshop in collaboration with the NTMED Cluster. The workshop showcased the scientific and technological achievements of the partners and presented funding and cooperation opportunities in the medical and biotechnology sector.

The workshop was opened by a representative of the NTMED Cluster Coordinator – Aleksandra Mościcka-Studzińska – Deputy Director of the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT of the Warsaw University of Technology.

In the section devoted to the development of medical technologies, participants listened to presentations:

– “PhotoBioActive MXenes for microbiological protection of surfaces” – Agnieszka Jastrzębska, Warsaw University of Technology,
– “Bivalent immunoliposomes for the therapy of triple-negative breast cancer” – Małgorzata Milczarek, National Institute of Medicines,
– “Pharmaceutical grade purity biopolymer obtained in the E. coli bacterial system” – Jolanta Janiszewska, Łukasiewicz –  Mościcki Institute of Industrial Chemistry,
– “Injury-reducing coating of medical devices actively secreting isoprenaline” – Jakub Trzciński, Warsaw University of Technology,
– “Technology for the production of various formulations of chitosan used for health care” – Maria Wisniewska-Wrona, Łukasiewicz – Łódź Institute of Technology,
– “Multifunctional composite implant materials for bone defect filling and bone tissue regeneration” – Monika Biernat, Łukasiewicz – Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials,
– “EPGuard – a teleinformatic system for interactive health monitoring of people with respiratory diseases” – Aleksander Sobotnicki, Łukasiewicz – Kraków Institute of Technology,
– “Portable tuberculosis detector” – Maciej Trzaskowski, Warsaw University of Technology.

Workshop participants actively participated in the discussion, compared and analysed achievements in the context of their own experiences and the literature, and declared their willingness to cooperate in the development of the presented technologies.

The second part of the workshop was devoted to financing and opportunities for cooperation and partnerships in the medical industry. Workshop participants listened to a presentation by Adam Dawidziuk, Coordinator of the Industry Contact Points, on the possibilities of obtaining funding for research from European Funds, the characteristics of programmes and their objectives, and then listened to a presentation by Monika Ślęzak from the Industry Contact Point ‘Medical Technologies and Health’, who talked about European partnerships, their types and thematic clusters, and issues related to planned calls. During this part, the participants also listened to a speech by Zuzanna Kot from INVESTIN sp. z o.o., who talked about the ‘Start from Mazovia’ competition.

During the event, agreements were also concluded with new members of the NTMED Cluster:
– National Institute of Medicines, represented by Małgorzata Kęsik-Brodacka – Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs,

– Biovalley Social Cooperative, represented by Małgorzata Haller de Hallenburg – President of the Board,

– Łukasiewicz Research Network – Ignacy Mościcki Industrial Chemistry Institute, represented by Jolanta Janiszewska,

– Łukasiewicz Research Network – Łódź Institute of Technology, represented by Longina Madej-Kiełbik – Director of the Centre for Biomedical Engineering,

– BioCloner Health sp z o.o., represented Maciej Gołaszewski – Board Member,

– Łukasiewicz Research Network – Kraków Institute of Technology, represented by Aleksander Sobotnicki – Director of the Centre for Biomedical Engineering,

– Łukasiewicz Research Network – Poznan Institute of Technology, represented by Joanna Sulej-Chojnacka – Head of the Engineering Materials Development Section,

– Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, represented by Małgorzata Niziurska – Deputy Director for Research and Commercialisation.



The meeting was an opportunity for the partners of the NTMED Cluster to exchange experiences, strengthen cooperation and, above all, discuss new areas of cooperation for representatives of the sector creating innovations for medicine and pharmacy. The objective of the Innovation Hub project workshop at the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies was to increase the effectiveness of CEZAMAT WUT’s cooperation with the economic environment and to support innovation processes.

The event was co-financed from the state budget Science for Society: Innovation Hub at the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technology CEZAMAT, NdS/537039/2021/2021

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