Laboratory of Microbiology

Department of Genetic Engineering: closed use of GMM, hazard category II
(no. in the Register of Genetic Engineering Departments: 04-69/2023)

Scientific Profile

Fast and specific diagnosis of pathogenic microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Diagnostics of etiological factors of infectious diseases using (1) classical methods based on cultures of microbiological flora and biochemical tests and (2) molecular biology methods including isolation of genetic material, PCR analyses, sequencing, and bioinformatics analyses. Studies of immunological interactions between the pathogen and the host (including flow cytometry analyses, cell phenotyping, and PCR tests). Studies on the resistance of microorganisms to currently used antibiotics and antimycotics, and the search for new therapeutics. Development of rapid and specific antigen tests to accelerate patient diagnosis.

Research services


  1. Autoclaves
  2. Freezer -80°C
  3. CO2 incubators
  4. Incubators
  5. Laminar chambers
  6. Refrigerators and freezers
  7. Microscopes (contrast-phase, light)
  8. Automatic pipettes
  9. Water baths
  10. Magnetic stirrers with heating
  11. Vortex shakers (with exchangeable caps)
  12. PCR
  13. RT-qPCR
  14. ddPCR
  15. Flow cytometer
  16. Nanopore sequencer


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