OPUS 22 research grant

8 June 2022

The National Science Center has announced the results of the OPUS 22 and SONATA 17 competitions. Project by Prof. Monika Staniszewska from the Center for Advanced Materials and Technology CEZAMAT “The function of mast cells in the control of innate immunity against Candida” was referred for funding.

The project is a continuation of innovative therapeutic solutions focusing on the regulatory interaction of the fungal calcineurin subunit with human mast cells – innate sensors and acquired immunity effectors. – Our goal is to initially assess the safety and effectiveness of a potential immunotherapeutic agent. Together with scientists from the Medical University of Vienna and Graz, we will undertake preclinical research involving humanized animal organisms – Prof. Monika Staniszewska said.

All scientists, regardless of the stage of their research career, may apply for funding of research projects in the OPUS 22 call. 6 projects from the Warsaw University of Technology received funding.

In the completed competitions OPUS 22 and SONATA 17, a total of 3005 applications were submitted, the value of which amounted to almost PLN 3.3 billion. Ultimately, 589 projects were qualified for financing. The success rate averaged 19.6%.

Source: https://www.ncn.gov.pl


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