Biomaterials inducing DNA demethylation as tools for future neuron regeneration therapies.


The goal of the project is to develop and assess a new approach to recruiting DNA demethylation mechanisms in the stimulation of axonal regeneration after transection injury of peripheral nerves. The ones that support the neurite outgrowth of peripheral nerves will be selected by testing potential candidates capable of demethylating the nuclear genome. The selected demethylases will be embedded into biomaterial carriers serving as a platform for their controlled spatiotemporal delivery to injured axons. The detailed investigation of changes in gene expression after the introduction of biomaterials carrying demethylases into the environment of in vitro cultured nerve cells and in vivo model of sciatic nerve injury will provide the quintessential knowledge for the explanation of the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in DNA methylation that favor successful peripheral axons regeneration. The insights gained should, in turn, help point the way toward novel therapeutic approaches for treating transection injury of peripheral nerves.


Project is funded by Polish National Science Centre (NCN)

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Warsaw University of Technology
University of Łódź


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2 334 231,00 zł

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