The CEZAMAT at Warsaw University of Technology will be a part of the pilot line under the European Chips Act

25 April 2024

Chips JU (Chips Joint Undertaking) has completed the evaluation of projects for pilot lines. The CEZAMAT WUT will be part of one of four European pilot lines for advanced semiconductor technologies.

The FAMES project will be carried out in a consortium comprising leading European research and scientific entities: CEA-Leti (consortium leader), Imec, Fraunhofer Institute, Tyndall National Institute, VTT Technical Research Centre, CEZAMAT PW, Université Catholique de Louvain, Silicon Austria Lab, INP Grenoble, SiNano and University of Granada.

“The fact that the CEZAMAT Warsaw University of Technology has been invited to collaborate on the development of FD-SOI technology within the framework of the largest project in the history of the European Commission (European Chips Act) makes us proud. This demonstrates that CEZAMAT WUT has gained standing and international recognition of its competencies over the past few years” says Professor Romuald Beck – Plenipotentiary for Strategic Projects at CEZAMAT WUT

The Centre for Advanced Materials and Technology CEZAMAT of the Warsaw University of Technology will be involved in work related to chip design, semiconductor memory technology and the demonstration of their potential in AI and chip security. The work will include chip design and PDK module testing to provide the tools needed to design and optimize chip design and technology.

“The FAMES project is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the capabilities of the CEZAMAT WUT laboratories”,  says Piotr Wisniewski – head of the Intelligent Semiconductor Systems Department SEMINSYS at CEZAMAT WUT, “We are the only place in Poland with such advanced research capabilities. We have highly specialized staff both in processes related to design, as well as vast experience in fabrication of semiconductor structures and devices that have application potential”

In addition, teams from the the Warsaw University of Technology will be involved in the development of technology and testing of OxRAM (Oxide-based Resistive RAM) type non-volatile semiconductor memories. The developed memory devices will be used in designed and fabricated next-generation test chips for AI and hardware security of integrated circuits.

The FAMES project is a unique opportunity to engage in the development of semiconductor technologies in Europe, increase knowledge and competencies not previously available in Poland, and develop and strengthen international cooperation with key semiconductor research entities in Europe.


In the laboratory of the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT WUT, it is possible to perform various processes for the production of semiconductors devices.


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