Kamil Żukowski PhD Eng.

Research Assistant Professor


A graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology in the field of Chemical Technology. In 2015, he obtained a doctoral degree in chemical sciences for the dissertation entitled "Studies of boronic acids as synthetic molecular receptors for simple sugars in miniature flow systems". From 2010, he was employed at the Warsaw University of Technology, initially as an independent chemist at the Faculty of Chemistry. Currently, associated with the Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies "CEZAMAT" as a researcher (since 2017). He has education and skills in the field of analytical chemistry, microfluidics, and the design and manufacture of miniature diagnostic devices.

Co-author of 28 scientific publications (HI = 8), as well as numerous reports and presentations at well-recognized national and international conferences. Winner of the first and second degree team award of the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology for scientific achievements in 2011-2012 and 2013-2014. Co-author of 11 inventions in the field of microfluidic systems. A key contractor in many (over 10) research projects (NCN, NCBiR, FNP, MNiSW, IDUB) in the field of chemical synthesis, analytical chemistry, medical diagnostics and microfluidic technologies.

Research areas

  • Development of new components of microfluidic systems (microvalves, micropumps, microdosers, microreactors)
  • Development of new technologies for the fabrication of microfluidic systems
  • Research on the fluid mechanics
  • Design and development of microfluidic systems for analytical chemistry, medical diagnostics and environmental protection
  • Development of prototypes of miniature diagnostic devices for the rapid determination of biomarkers in physiological fluids
  • Development of a pilot line for the fabrication of diagnostic and analytical microsystems
  • Automation of microfluidic devices (machine learning, prediction of processes and their optimization based on the developed models of micro-fluids)
  • Microdevices for the monitoring of the environment condition (of the air and water courses) in line with the concept of the Internet of Things

Selected Publications

  • Sokołowska P., Żukowski K., Janikiewicz J. [et al.]: Islet-on-a-chip: Biomimetic micropillar-based microfluidic system for three-dimensional pancreatic islet cell culture, w: Biosensors & Bioelectronics, vol. 183, 113215, 2021.
  • Sokołowska P., Żukowski K., Lasocka I. [et al..]: Human mesenchymal stem cel (hMSC) differentiation towards cardiac cells using a new microbioanalytical method, w: Analyst, vol. 145, 2020, ss. 3017-3028.
  • Tokarska K., Lamch Ł., Piechota B., Żukowski K. [et al.]: Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B-Biology, vol. 211, 111981, 2020.
  • Żuchowska A., Buta A., Dabrowski B. [et al..]: 3D and 2D cell models in a novel microfluidic tool for evaluation of highly chemically and microbiologically pure graphene oxide (GO) as an effective drug carrier, w: Sensors and Actuators B - Chemical, vol. 302, 2020.
  • Tomecka E., Żukowski K., Jastrzębska E. [et al.]: Microsystem with micropillar array for three- (gel-embaded) and two-dimensional cardiac cell culture, w: Sensors and Actuators B - Chemical, vol. 254, 2018, ss. 973-983
  • Żuchowska A., Jastrzębska E., Żukowski K. [et al.]: A549 and MRC-5 cell aggregation in a microfluidic Lab-on-a-chip system, w: Biomicrofluidics, vol. 11, nr 2, 2017, ss. 024110_1-02410_13.

Other achievements

  • 2020: Invention, P.426611, Jastrzębska E., Żuchowska A., Żukowski K., Chudy M., Dybko A., Brzózka Z., Flow microsystem evaluating the effectiveness of cancer therapy procedures taking into account the size of spheroids and the presence of normal cells.
  • 2019: Invention, P.424410: Żuchowska A., Żukowski K., Jastrzębska E., Chudy M., Dybko A., Brzózka Z., Micro-batcher cartridge for testing efficiency of a therapy in the flow-through conditions.
  • 2016: Invention, P.406270: Jastrzębska E., Rybicka N., Żukowski K., Microsystem for simultaneous analysis of migration of cells and assessment of effectiveness of the procedures of photodynamic therapy.
  • 2017: Invention, P.408215, Maciejewska K., Dybko A., Brzózka Z., Chudy M., Żukowski K., Non-contact conductivity detector.
  • 2013: Invention, PL 215748, Żukowski K., Chudy M., Dybko A., Brzózka Z., Weremczuk J., Iwaszko R., Jachowicz R. S., Multi-channel rotary microvalve.
  • First degree team award of the Rector of WUT for scientific achievements in 2011-2012
  • Second degree team award of the Rector of WUT for scientific achievements in 2013-2014
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