Magdalena Flont PhD Eng.

Research Assistant Professor


A graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology (2015). Currently, she is an Assistant at the Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT PW. In September 2021, she defended her PhD with honors in the field of natural sciences (discipline: chemical science). She is the author of 8 publications from the JCR list (Hirsch index = 6), one chapter in a scientific monograph, 2 patents and many research papers and conference presentations. Laureate of four national and international competitions and laureate of a scholarship from the Warsaw Scientific Chemical Consortium (2016). In 2019, she received a research scholarship awarded by the Rodkiewicz Foundation in Canada. She is a contractor in several research projects financed by the National Science Center and program Initiative of Excellence - Research University (OPUS, BIOTECHMED-2, BIOTECHMED-3).

Research areas

The subject of her research is related to the design of spatial models of ovarian and breast cancer with the use of Lab-on-a-chip microsystems and their application to analyze the effectiveness of anticancer therapies. She has extensive experience in designing Lab-on-a-chip microsystems, in vitro research using 3D cell cultures and analyzing of cancer and non-malignant cells. Her research interests relate to the study of cytotoxicity and therapeutic effectiveness of new generation drugs. Her research interests also focus on in vitro simulation and analysis of processes related to the formation of metastases of cancer cells. One of the research objectives is to develop new cellular and tissue models that mimic in vivo intercellular interactions (Body-on-a-chip microfluidic systems).

Selected Publications

  1. Flont (Bułka) M., Jastrzębska E., Brzozka Z., 2020, Synergistic effect of the combination therapy on ovarian cancer cells under microfluidic conditions, Anal Chim Acta, 1100, 138-148.
  2. Flont (Bułka) M., Jastrzębska E., Brzozka Z., 2020, A multilayered cancer-on-a-chip model to analyze the effectiveness of new-generation photosensitizers, Analyst, 2020, 145, 6937-6947.
  3. Lamch Ł, Pucek A., Kulbacka J., Chudy M., Jastrzębska E., Tokarska K., Bułka M., Brzózka Z., K.A. Wilk, 2018, Recent progress in the engineering of multifunctional colloidal nanoparticles for enhanced photodynamic therapy and bioimaging, Adv Colloid Interface Sci., 261, 62-81.
  4. Jastrzebska E., Zuchowska A., Flis S., Sokolowska P., Bulka M., Dybko A., Brzozka Z., 2018, Biological characterization of the modified poly(dimethylsiloxane) surfaces based on cell attachment and toxicity assays, Biomicrofluidics, 12, 044105.
  5. Bułka M., Jastrzębska E., Bazylińska U., Dybko A., Chudy M., Wilk K.A., Brzózka Z., 2018, A microfluidic system to evaluate the effectiveness of new-generation drugs in combination therapy on ovarian cancer, 22nd International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, MicroTAS 2018, 3, 1452-1454.
  6. Bułka M., Jastrzębska E., Bazylińska U., Dybko A., Chudy M., Wilk K.A., Brzózka Z., 2020, Cyto- And photocytotoxicity of nanophotosensitizers on a 3D multilayer ovarian cell culture in a microfluidic system, 21st International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, MicroTAS 2017, 1001-1002.
  7. Chudy M., Tokarska K., Jastrzębska E., Bułka M., Drozdek S., Lamch Ł., Wilk K., Brzózka Z., 2017, Lab-on-a-chip systems for photodynamic therapy investigations, Biosens Bioelectron., 101, 37-51.


  1. Bułka M., Jastrzębska E., Żukowski K., Dybko A., Brzózka Z., 2018, Flow microsystem for a layered culture of normal and cancer cells, Pat.237494
  2. Flont (Bułka) M., Jastrzębska E., Mackiewicz Z., Brzózka Z., 2018, Micro flow system for 3D cell culture, P.427667 (patent granted: 10.18.2021)
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